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Custom Sockets

Custom Sockets


From simple check sockets to complex definitive sockets, from Symes to hemipelvectomy sockets, and everything in between, you can count on the skilled Össur Custom Fabrication team to quickly design and fabricate your socket.

What we offer

  • Simple check sockets (1 day)
  • Single-wall (3 days) or doublewall (5 days) definitive sockets
  • Complete prostheses
  • Symes, TT, knee/hip disartic, TF & hemipelvectomy sockets
  • Transradial/humeral sockets
  • Össur, Bulldog and Fillauer components available

Other benefits

  • We provide CNC carving and CAD design by a Certified Prosthetist
  • We offer more than 100 brim styles - in addition to creating a template of your brim style at no charge
  • Assemble using components from mutliple manufacturers, in an ABC-certified facility

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U.S. and Canada only

State-of-the-art design and fabrication of prosthetic sockets in just 1 to 5 days

Check Sockets
Part NumberDescription
TFVL-200 AK PETG Check Socket
TFVL-200X AK PETG Check Socket >23” Circumference and 16” Length
TTVL-200 BK PETG Check Socket
Definitive Socket
Part NumberDescription
TFVL-300 AK Laminated Definitive Socket
TFVL-420 AK Flexible Polyethylene Inner Socket
TFVL-421 AK Proflex w/ Silicone or Equivalent Inner Socket
TFVL-400 AK Decorative Lamination w/ Customer Supplied Artwork
TTVL-300 BK Laminated Definitive Socket
TTVL-420 BK Flexible Polyethylene Inner Socket
TTVL-421 BK Proflex w/ Silicone Inner Socket
TTVL-402 BK Decorative Lamination w/ Customer Supplied Artwork
TTVL-480 BK Shape Foam Cover
Part NumberDescription
CB01 Combo Pack 1: Expulsion Valve Kit with Black Seal Plate (For Sleeve or ePulse™ Extended Battery Life)
CB02 Combo Pack 2: Expulsion Valve Kit with Blue Seal Plate (Compatible with ePulse™ Extended Battery Life)
CB03 Combo Pack 3: Expulsion Valve Kit with Orange Expulsion Push Button Seal Plate (Compatible with V-hold)
CB04 Combo Pack 4: Expulsion Valve Kit with Red Push Button Seal Plate for LimbLogic
CB05 Combo Pack 5: Expulsion Valve Kit with Silver Unity Plate
UTT-001 Unity TT Valve Kit
VLC-400 90 Degree Barb and Vacuum Valve System
Evolution mounting plates and distal attachments
Part NumberDescription
VMP-001 Low Profile Mounting Plate (Blue)
VMP-002 Heavy Duty Mounting Plate
VMP-006 Mounting Plate for Össur Lock
VMP-007 Valve Plate
VMP-008 Mounting Plate for Fillauer Lock
VAP-001 Large Alignment Plate (Green)
VAP-002 Small Alignment Plate (Blue)
VV01-002 Expulsion Valve Kit
VV01-003 Vacuum Valve Kit
VV05-001 E2 Adaptor Kit
Other valve, lock and kit options
Part NumberDescription
L-552000 Össur Icelock Expulsion Valve 552
L-551002 Össur Icelock Expulsion Valve 551
P201XX Össur 400 Series Lock
L-62100 Össur Lock 621 Series
REVO-HP-K Revo System - One Dial Kit
REVO-HPR-K Revo System - Two Dial Kit

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Össur Components

Össur components give clinicians the most versatility to mix and match the wide variety of options available in the market. Innovated and tested in our custom fabrication facility, our components provide a more effi cient, high-quality fabrication system with less room for error. We provide solid, reliable solutions that enable you to develop and refi ne the best system for your patient’s lifestyle.