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Icelock® 300 Series

Icelock® 300 Series

  • Low build height
  • Very light-weight
  • Wear-resistant stainless steel pin guide
  • Ideal for shower and water prostheses
  • Low and moderate impact levels

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Impact LevelExample

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Icelock 300 Series 스펙

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아이스락 시리즈

품번# Description 제품 높이 PRODUCTS_BUILD_WEIGHT
L-331001 Lanyard 331-L (No Adapter) 12mm | 1/2" 22g | 0.77oz
L-331002 Lanyard 331-T (No Adapter) 14mm | 9/16" 42g | 1.5oz
K-390000 Icelock Lanyard 390 25mm | 1" 52g | 1.8oz

components for L-331001

품번# Description
L-392012 Cleat with silicone dummy
L-392016 Pull Handle, lanyard
L-392018 Lanyard Cord with connecting screw
L-392110 Bottom Attachment, lamination

components for L-331002

품번# Description
L-392010 Cleat with cover and rivets
L-393012 Cord Cover 40cm, lanyard
L-392016 Pull Handle, lanyard
L-392112 Bottom Attachment, thermoplastic
L-392122 Guide, lanyard
L-393018 Screw 3.5 x 30mm

components for k-390000

품번# Description
K-390001 Spindle Adapter
K-390002 Nut
K-390003 Washer
K-390004 Bottom Attachment
K-390005 Distal Connector
K-390007 Spindle