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Mauch® Knee Plus

Mauch® Knee Plus


The Mauch Knee Plus is a heavy duty version of the Mauch Knee. Built on the same advanced technology, it was developed in order to accommodate the needs of users requiring a higher weight limit. A slightly different and more robust frame means that the Mauch Knee Plus offers all of the benefits of the standard Mauch Knee to patients up to 166kg (365lbs).

  • Single axis hydraulic knee system with swing and stance control (SNS®).
  • Designed for multi-speed ambulation.
  • Ultra durable Aluminum frame.
  • Durability and more secure motion.
  • Weight limit of 365lbs / 166kg.
  • Roller bearings at knee axis and cylinder attachment points for smooth action.
  • Yielding stance control.
  • Mode selector switch allows manual locking and free swing functions.
  • Universal 4-hole mounting patterns for versatile adapter options.
  • Option for through hole or threaded hole top bracket.
  • Low Swing Resistance kits and High Stance Resistance kits are also available.

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Mauch Knee Plus 스펙

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충격 레벨: 일상 생활에서 익스트림까지
최대 환자 체중: 166kg
실린더 포함 무릎 무게: 1.21kg (42.68oz)
제품 높이: 210.5mm (8 5/16")
무릎 굴곡: Max 125°