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Balance Knee

Balance Knee


The Balance Knee is designed to offer the less active user stability. Its four-bar geometric design is easily adjusted to optimize the required balance between stability and walking dynamics for each individual. It also facilitates an easy kneeling action. Mid-swing shortening allows the prosthesis to swing more easily through each step.

Simple to set up, the knee’s adjustment features (including the adjustable extension assist) can all be accessed externally with no disassembly of the prosthesis required. The design is maintenance free. Balance knee is available with stronger extension assist and a manual lock.

User profile:

  • Household and limited community ambulators
  • Single, slow speed ambulators
  • Low impact users and those with little voluntary control
  • Rated up to 125kg (275lbs)

충격 레벨

Impact LevelExample

일반 활동

보행 보조장치를 사용하는 차분하고 느긋한 보행

예: 집안에서 움직이기, 마을안에서 보통의 보행

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Balance Knee 스펙

절단 레벨:


충격 레벨: 일반 활동
최대 환자 체중: 125kg
무릎 무게: 600g (21.2oz)
제품 높이: 154mm (6 1/6")
무릎 굴곡: 180° (165° with Locking feature)