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NecLoc® Kids Collar

NecLoc® Kids Collar


Indications for Use

  • Post trauma
  • Stable cervical fractures
  • Post operative

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic two-piece clamshell design
  • Four paediatric sizes according to the Broselow-Luten Colour-Coding System
  • The device reduces movement of the cervical spine
  • Easy to fit
  • Meets the unique anatomical requirements of children
  • X-ray and CT lucent. MR safe.

Required Measurements

  • Age related sizing

오서 Pre-Hospital and Extrication Collars

주문 정보

Necloc Kids Extrication Collar
NL-P1 Newborn - 2yrs
NL-P2 2 - 6yrs
NL-P3 6 - 12yrs